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Lawyersdatalab is the premium lawyer’s directory scraping service provider in the industry. The team offers prompt and professional lawyers directory scraping service, with high proficiency in developing customized solutions. Lawyersdatalab has been working in this field since 2008 and are always enlisted as preferred providers in projects of all sizes by our clients worldwide.

Lawyersdatalab is the leading lawyer’s directory scraping service provider across USA. We can start with the best possible lawyer’s directory scraping from,,,,,, etc that would enable you to have a competitive edge in this niche market.

How Lawyersdatalab Help You to Scrape Lawyers Directory

Lawyersdatalab lawyers directory scraping services offer a great way to find out detailed information about any number of lawyers from leading lawyers directories. It includes lawyers contact name, address, city, state, zip, website, email id, phone number, practice area, bar id, status, education, practice region and much more. It’s also easy to add or update information as needed if you want to keep your directory up-to-date.

Lawyers Data offers top-notch lawyers directory scraping service that is of utmost importance to any directory website. Our talented professionals not only scrape your directory, but they also offer automated data ensuring that fake profiles are eliminated. is a leading name in the field of lawyers directory scraping service provider. It has more than 10 years of experience in developing, executing and refining data by scraping information from various business directories and statebar association websites around the world. Lawyersdatalab has a wide panel of clients and projects for lawyers, financial/legal firms, Fortune 500 companies, etc. We aggregates directories from across the globe making it easier for you to find any professional based on location.

Data can be Extracted from Online Lawyers Directories.

1. Law Firms Database
– Law Firm Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, Website URL, Firm Email Id, Law Firm Logo URL, Practice Area, Lawyers Name

2. Lawyers Database
– Lawyers Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, Website URL, Personal’s Email Id, Law Firm Logo URL, Practice Area, Law Firm Name

List of Data Fields

Scrape Lawyers Directory to Marketing & Research Prospects

Lawyersdatalab is scraping industry’s leading lawyers directory to offer research prospects` profiles and linking it to an App. This service provides a fast and effective way to research prospects from leading law directories. The database is constantly updated, so you’ll always have accurate data for successful lead research. You can also export your scraped data in .cvs or .txt files and filter the results by: date range, location, keywords and  more!

– Lawyers Directory Scraping can be helpful to lawyers marketing firms / SEO firms
– Lawyers Directory Scraping can be helpful to Law Analytics Company
Lawyers Directory Scraping can be helpful to Lawyers Software Development Company
Lawyers Directory Scraping can be helpful to Data Research Companies

Scraping Lawyers Contact Details including Email Ids

Lawyersdatalab has always provided premium quality, high-level and reliable services in scraping all details from the websites. The company has taken up contact scraping project for many clients across USA and UK. Our client simply needs to provide us the URL of the website with needed information and we’ll do the rest.

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