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Looking for the best solution for lawyer data scraping? We are here to help! Lawyersdatalab is the leading company that offers Lawyers Data Scraping services. With our qualified web scraping expert, we provide a one-stop solution for lawyers data scraping. We can extract all kinds of lawyers and law firms, from solo practitioners to multinational corporations.

Lawyers Data Scraping by Lawyersdatalab – We offer lawyers data scraping from various source – lawyers directories, statebar association websites, google map, pdf files, web research in google etc. We also offer web research to find and scrape the details of attorneys who are not listed on any public database.


To Whom our Lawyers Data Scraping Services can be Helpful.

1. Law Marketing Firm – To target Lawyers & law firm for Internet Marketing Services.
2. Who wish to develop own lawyers directory or law firm directory.
3. SEO and Internet Marketing Companies.
4. Lawyers Associations – To add more members to their association.

Lawyeredatalab is a legal data scraping company with 12 years of experience in the legal industry and over a thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. We help organizations extract data from the internet and databases. Lawyeredatalab is your all-in-one, time-saving solution to lawyers data scraping all your hard work into a tangible and usable resource. For more information email us on info@lawyersdatalab.com.

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What is a Lawyers Data Scraping?

A Lawyers Data Scraping is the process of obtaining information about lawyers from different sources. This can be done manually or through automated tool. This information can include: basic data, contact information, web presence details, education, employment history, and work history.

Lawyeredatalab offers wide range of lawyers data scraping from lawyers directories, lawyers statebar associations, google searching, web research, printed directory and magazines. Lawyeredatalab is a website that provides the best solutions for the people who are in the process of developing their own lawyer directory and need information on their market.

Lawyeredatalab offer services like extracting data from public records, social media account harvesting, creating databases with company public information. With the increasing number of attorneys in the United States and their use of digital marketing to recruit new clients, there is a need for reliable sources of information to identify potential client leads.

Why Choose LawyersDataLab for Web Scraping Services

Lawyeredatalab is a lawyer data extraction service provider, we build customized automated tool to fetch accurate lawyer data in an efficient manner.  We are highly skilled and experienced in scraping data from various domains like lawyer directories, law firms our people pages, US court websites and other sources of lawyer details. Lawyers data scraping from Lawyeredatalab will be more efficient, less costly and hassle-free! For more information email us on info@lawyersdatalab.com.